Sharefile and File Sharing in the 21st Century

Companies are faced with the challenge of disseminating information among their employees. Also, some companies require the exchange of information with clients frequently for effective service. This could be problematic especially when the information which needs to be shared is quite sensitive. Conventional means of data transfer such a email or phone calls are not safe for the exchange of sensitive information neither are they reliable. This makes the use of virtual data rooms imperative.

Sharefile is one of the many virtual data room vendors existing right now. Citrix Systems, the parent body of Sharefile, is a renowned information technology firm with an impressive client base. Sharefile which has all the features required of a VDR provider performs optimally when it is used by a company to exchange information with its clients and corporate repository. We will look at some of the attributes of Sharefile as a VDR vendor which makes it an excellent choice for information sharing.

Permission Options – Sharefile has virtual data rooms equipped with the innovative permission settings which give the administrator control of the VDR. You get to decide who views document A, who downloads B and prints document C. This is a highly functional feature towards the information sharing activity within a virtual data room. Why? It allows you add several users, and share the file they should see with them and preventing them from accessing other documents. This is usually in combination with the granular user access which ensures users can view documents in a folder by folder pattern.

Discretion Agreement – You can also protect your sensitive data from leakage by utilizing the Sharefile Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This prevents participants in the virtual data room from disclosing documents uploaded into the data room. Anyone who does otherwise could face litigation. It’s one of the traditional ways companies protect their highly sensitive data from compromise.

Security tools – One of the standard protocols in most virtual data room is the personalized watermarking of documents in the VDR. Sharefile also incorporates such in its data room. This means you can embed the documents in your VDR with details unique to each user. This ensures whenever a document from your virtual data room surfaces in the public domain, the individual whose details is visible on the document will face the consequences. This discourages the practice of sharing sensitive information without authorization.

All the information shared in this virtual data room is encrypted to prevent cyber theft. The encryption is based on the highly secure 256-bit SSL.

Performance-oriented Plugins – Sharefile has two plugins which make sharing of information feasible regardless of size. One of such is that for Microsoft Outlook which synchronizes email attachments with the Sharefile virtual data room. There is also another for Gmail with the same function. The benefit of these plugins is the freedom from downloading attachments which can be tasking especially when the document is quite bulky.

Mobile Access – Users can access the Sharefile virtual data room using their mobile phone. This is quite effective in cases where a user isn’t close to a computer. The security of the platform is consistent regardless of how a user gains entry into the virtual data room (mobile or computer).