SecureDocs and the Increasing Demand for Data Storage

The storage of information has become quite tasking. This could be accredited to the increase in the incidence of information theft. Information theft is equally caused by the value attached to the information. A lot of people are willing to pay astronomical fees to acquire the information they consider valuable. This proves the essence of secure information storage.

SecureDocs is one of the few recognized VDR providers out there. They have the typical attributes of a sophisticated virtual data room vendor. They undertake the information storage needs of their clients with ease. This can be attributed to some of the features of their VDR we will be considering in this article.

Feature of Securedocs

User Invitation – Adding users to the Securedocs virtual room is as easy. It’s just about adding the email addresses of designated users. This activity can be carried out in bulk which could be quite handy when you are faced with adding numerous users.


Document Upload – The SecureDocs virtual data room allows users upload documents with tools they are familiar with. The drag and drop option comes to mind. Participants can upload documents using the regular drag and drop. Also, there are no limitations to the size of documents you can upload to the platform.

Quick Search – Users can search documents with ease. This can assist those with the required permission in finding the information they seek from the numerous documents uploaded to the virtual data room.

Permission Attributes – Securedocs gives you control over what happens in your virtual data room. Users are allowed access to sensitive documents based on your permission. You can limit the use of certain documents to viewing only while others can be downloaded and or printed. However, the opportunity you grant specific user will determine who can access what on the platform.

Customizable Non-disclosure Agreement – Users who have access to your platform are required to sign an NDA. The agreement can be personalized based on your demands and your VDR use. This is another effort by Securedocs in protecting your sensitive information regardless of who you permit entry into your virtual data room.

Electronic Signature – You can append an electronic signature on all the documents uploaded to your platform. This is synonymous to personalized watermarks, a common attribute of most virtual data rooms. An electronic signature like watermarking makes it easy to identify your documents regardless of where they get to.

Audit Trails – Securedocs understands the need to keep your VDR safe, and they have proved that with this feature. With the audit trails, you are provided detailed reports of what every user does in your virtual data room. This is impressive since it increases the overall security of your VDR.

Pricing – Securedocs operates an uncomplicated pricing model. Their fixed pricing arrangement means there are no speculations to what your fees would be. The use of their virtual data room comes with no limitations on the number of users. The data capacity of the Securedocs VDR is also not restricted so regardless of the volume of the documents stored you don’t get any extra fees. It’s also worth noting that Securedocs gives discounts to no profit organizations which is commendable.