The RR Donnelley Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions

Enterprises require finances to execute business blueprints. One of the popular methods through which most businesses obtain funds is by mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Mergers and acquisitions can ease cash flow to companies bedeviled with severe asset liquidation problems. However, the process of an M&A is usually a tortuous one. The target company interacts with different investors with satisfied investors confirming a merger or acquisition. However, concluding a merger or an acquisition deal isn’t as easy as it might sound. Engaging the services of virtual data room providers could go a long way in reducing the problems and strains typical of M&A deals.

RR Donnelley is one of the oldest companies in the industry. It has a virtual data room subsidiary called Venue. While Venue might be an entry VDR provider, it has rendered services to several companies with the aim of fostering the M&A type objectives of such enterprises. If you’re having doubts about what Venue brings to the table, you need to shed such doubts. We have highlighted some of the features of Venue and its benefits in an M&A business below:

Document Security: Documents uploaded to the Venue virtual data room during the due diligence process of an M&A transaction are protected against any incidence of theft and other crimes common in the cyber space. Personalized watermarks applied to the documents in your VDR ensure you can track the documents regardless of who gets possession of such documents. All documents uploaded are scanned for viruses preventing the corruption of the contents of your virtual data room. Venue’s VDR comes equipped with the document expiry option which gives an administrator the power to scramble the information contained in particular regardless of the location of the document.

Secure Information Exchange – Information sharing is one of the important segments of M&A transactions. Protecting the information exchanged is one of the roles a virtual data room provider has to play. Venue seems to live up to expectation in this aspect. Their virtual data rooms are encrypted with the popular 256-bit SSL encryption and 128-bit SSL encryption. They are also SOC certified which translates to a haven for business transactions.

Ultimate Control – In business interactions centered on propagating a merger or acquisition, an administrator of a VDR would want to ensure documents access are allowed to specific users; Venue allows one achieve this. You can set permissions to limit users based on your assessment. You can allow specific users to print and download while others are limited to viewing the uploaded documents. Venue incorporates the two-factor authentication into its VDR. This ensures only those permit entry into your virtual data room are allowed access to the information within. It’s a security measure which puts control in your hands.

Bulk Upload & Search Option – A typical merger and acquisition transaction often requires a lot of document scrutiny. Venue recognizes that with the bulk upload option. This allows you upload a lot of documents onto your VDR in a seamless manner.  The full-text search option allows users search documents without reading each document.