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6 Basic Reasons Why You Need a VDR

In today’s digital culture, virtual data rooms have become a staple for small start ups and young entrepreneurs looking to keep their business online. With efficient security and easy access from anywhere in the world, there’s no confusion as to why VDRs are a prominent method for collaboration within a company or between a company and any third parties. This article will discuss a few of the basic reasons why you and your company need a virtual data room that may have otherwise seemed trivial or easily accomplished by the less advanced generic document sharing services. Innovation is the key to success, so don’t let the opportunity of implementing the most effective software pass you and your budding business by. 

  • Security 


The most important reason why companies are investing in virtual data rooms is because of the intensive security they provide. With effective encryption and complex permission settings that allow complete control for the administrator, any data that is uploaded remains impenetrable by unwanted users. The main user is then able to determine who is able to view the information and for how long, set an expiry date on documents and apply watermarks to avoid leaks if necessary. If you are planning to share any confidential information online, consider putting it all into a virtual data room for safekeeping. 

  • Saving money


For those who work remotely, VDRs help you to continue cutting down the cost of office rent and commuting by allowing you to store all your data on the cloud and access it from wherever you are. Whether you’re working out of a local coffee shop, or taking a longer-than-planned business trip, all the information you or your clients need is right at your finger tips. Many providers also offer payment options depending on how long you plan on using a room; some clients opting for only a single use while others recognizing they may need it for longer or for more projects. It is also important to find a provider that guarantees no hidden costs so that you know exactly where your money is going.

  • Communication & Collaboration


On a similar note to easy access, a VDR also allows you to effortlessly collaborate and communicate with either your own employees, by sharing information within it, or with your clients who may live in a different country. This is especially important for due diligence where the constant interaction within the virtual data room can determine the success or failure of a deal, depending on how easy it is to remain in contact and collaboration throughout the process. 

  • Shows Your Professionalism


Furthermore, investing in a virtual data room shows your current or potential clients that you take your security seriously. It provides a professional appearance when dealing with financial institutions and illustrates a sense of accountability when it comes to your preparation and execution of significant deals and projects. Having an effective VDR to direct your clients to can instantly change their perception of your company and the outcome of your collaboration. 

  • Shows Your Innovation


A client that is considering working with your company wants to know that you are innovative and aware of cutting-edge processes. While it might be easier to share important and confidential data through email, it isn’t as efficient or secure. You don’t want to inundate your client with hundreds of email threads during big projects and you don’t want to risk their data being intercepted by malware. You want to put your best foot forward and implementing a VDR is a great way to do that. 

  • Easy Use


Despite sounding complex, virtual data rooms are fairly simple to use especially when working on arduous and time-consuming processes, such as due diligence or litigation. They offer quick and easy access to important information as well as bulk uploading for big projects. Folder structures are customizable to your liking or a template of a previous structure can be quickly uploaded to save time on mundane tasks. Most providers also offer efficient client support. So if you run into any issues, you can have them resolved by a representative who is well-informed on the intricacies of the platform. VDRs are designed to facilitate smooth transactions so if you feel like your project might be a bit too much to handle alone, then this software is the way to go. 

How to Find the Right VDR for You

The process of finding the right virtual data room for you and your needs can be an arduous one, especially if you do not know where to start. It is easy to get lost or confused by the multiple providers and comparison websites all comparing and contrasting features that may or may not work for what you need them to. Whereas some providers rely heavily on higher profile deals, others are designed to facilitate smooth and quick document sharing for smaller businesses. 


Know What You Are Looking For


You should begin the process of finding a VDR by knowing what it is you need it for. Some providers cater their features to industries with immense volumes of documents, focusing on bulk upload and download capabilities rather than, say, Q&A functionality. Understanding what you or your client needs out of a virtual data room will better help in determining which provider to partner with and how much of your budget to set aside for them. Providers such as Ansarada, who is one of the most expensive on the market, deal with high revenue deals that require multiple rooms and storage space. Whereas other, more affordable providers, such as Firmex, can handle the storage and sharing of large amounts of data while also keeping their interface simple and user-friendly. 


Compare Providers


Your specific industry will dictate the virtual data room you need, as well as bring forth the multiple providers that can help you during your process. With this broad selection comes the necessity of comparing and contrasting providers based on their merits and their downfalls. By holding notable companies and their software up against each other, you will be able to determine which features are effective for the price, how well their security measures will protect your documents and intellectual property, and how easy it will be to collaborate more in the future if necessary. 


Document Control & Ease of Use 


The process of deciding on a provider is the easy part if the provider you choose does not offer an easy-to-use platform with features that provide you with the utmost control over your documents. It is important to recognize that some interfaces can be bloated and difficult to navigate, at times looking very outdated compared to others. Features that help you control your documents, such as complex permission settings and expiring access, are only a few of what certain providers can offer, however, not always valued by some. Those that have designed their VDR for high profile deals can lose touch with the importance of simplicity and quality over quantity. So don’t let the bells and whistles fool you when choosing a provider to partner with. Opt for a free demo so that you can get to know the ins and outs of a platform and understand how you can realistically use each feature so that you aren’t aimlessly paying for them.

Virtual Data Rooms: Why Security Matters

The importance of security for your documents and personal information should not be overlooked, especially as sharing and storage convert to online platforms. It is vital to ensure that anything you upload—big or small—stays safe and in your control so that your confidentiality isn’t compromised. While researching and investing in software that will provide you with the best security might seem time-consuming and unnecessary, malware and phishing can leave your information vulnerable to leaks or hacks if the wrong people gain access. This article will discuss a few of the reasons why you should care about the security of your documents and the negative impacts of not investing in a secure virtual data room to keep them safe. 


Easy To Use


The main goal of virtual data rooms—alongside security—is to facilitate the easy completion of deals and transactions for administrators and any third party users. Sure, you can opt for sharing documentation through email, but that will quickly become cumbersome and difficult to navigate through as the threads increase. It is much easier to lose track of information this way and make the entire process of due diligence harder and more arduous than it already is. By putting the security of your documents first, you also direct yourself toward the path of ease and convenience by investing in a VDR that provides all those services. 


With features specifically designed to expedite a process while providing the utmost security, a virtual data room becomes the best option for storing and sharing data safely. You are granted complex permission controls within your room and the convenience of drag-and-drop uploading to save time from building template structures and documents from scratch. With a quick start up time, your VDR doesn’t wait and neither should you. 


Peace Of Mind


Along with ease and convenience comes peace of mind when you opt to store your data in a virtual data room. When working in M&A or with legal firms, it is just as important to keep clients’ information safe as it is your own. A VDR provides a professional appearance that your third party users can trust with their confidential data, knowing that it is in safe hands. A VDR also makes it easier to move through firewalls put in place by financial institutions, making it easier to work with them. 


The importance of your peace of mind should not be understated; when investing money in a product, you don’t want to worry about its performance at any point. This is why a virtual data room provider’s customer service is also important in ensuring that your experience within the room is a pleasant one. With much more available support than a generic sharing service and real people to contact with inquiries or concerns, it’s no wonder why so many businesses look to VDRs for their projects. 


Unwanted Disclosure


The primary reason why any company would want a secure virtual data room is to prevent the unwanted disclosure of their private documentation. With Dropbox’s 2012 password leak, many clients were left vulnerable to having their information shared and taken by the wrong third party users. Generic document sharing services are a good option if all you want to do is share vacation photos with family and friends, but aren’t if you are running significant business deals and transactions. 


Pay For What You Get


While virtual data rooms are higher in cost than the generic alternatives, the price you pay can be attributed to the level of security you will receive from the service. Understanding the security features and qualifications that make a VDR impenetrable is important in determining which provider you want to partner with for a subscription or one-time use. Not all providers are the same, so reading a few review sites will help you better recognize the differences between them and which are better suited for you and your business needs. 




When looking for the right virtual data room to store your confidential data, it is important to focus on the level of security you require. When the safety of your information is made a priority, other necessary features and functionality come along with it. VDRs offer clients complex features that are easy to use while still ensuring that your data is kept out of the hands of the wrong third party users. They afford you the peace of mind to continue with your projects and transactions, knowing that the data room is impenetrable and you have all the control over what is shared and viewed. When you invest in a secure virtual data room, the money you put toward it is returned in exceptional data encryption, disaster management and multiple firewalls to ensure that everything you upload stays with who you want it to and can’t be used or leaked by those you don’t.