Improving Enterprise Collaborations with Intralinks Dealspace

Enhanced collaborations within a firm’s workforce and with its clients have been shown to improve the efficiency of their transactions. Cohesive interactions not only bridge the information gap within multilateral companies but increase their overall profit margin in the long run. The problem faced by most companies is their chosen path to execute such collaborations.

Several virtual data rooms are known to carry out effective collaborations, but few have shown the capacity to oversee positive collaborations. One of the popular choices for most companies when the topic of effective collaboration is broached is Intralinks. This isn’t a surprise when you consider the number of awards Intralinks has won in enterprise collaboration.

The Intralinks Dealspace has several features which make it stand out among other virtual data room vendors especially in connection with enterprise collaboration. We will look at some of these features below:

Easy Set Up: The ease of setup of a VDR could be influential to the use of the data room for collaborative purposes. No company wants to waste valuable time putting their communication channel together. Intralinks understands this. Their virtual data room is easy to set up and requires no specialized training. The administrator can without much protocol add users to the platform for effective collaborations.

Better Information Sharing: Collaboration requires the exchange of information. Intralinks takes it further with much faster information sharing. You can upload documents to the platform through the conventional paths such as the drag and drop option but with Intralinks it is faster than what you get elsewhere. This is commendable. Also, you don’t need to spend time numbering documents uploaded or converting the files for easy upload. Documents uploaded to the platform are automatically indexed, and it allows the popular file formats you can think of.

The text within the platform is available in 8 different languages which reduce the communication barrier between the administrating firm and its clients. This much language options remain quite uncommon in the industry.

Innovative Security Protocol: The importance of security in an online interaction cannot be overemphasized. A lot of unscrupulous individuals are on the prowl in search of unsecured channels they could breach and steal valuable information. Intralinks understands how important security is towards effective enterprise collaboration. With the Intralinks Dealspace, any unauthorized access to a platform is prevented through the use of a multi-factor password authentication. Also, you can interact with different users at the same time, and they wouldn’t view documents not meant for them. This is due to the different permission control you have over the content of your virtual data room. Other security options like watermarking, print protection and the Intralinks owned private server ensures all information shared for enhanced enterprise collaboration achieves just that.

While Intralinks remains one of the biggest VDR providers in the industry, their pricing isn’t comforting. The high cost of using their virtual data room discourages the involvement of start-ups and small business owners in enterprise collaborations. However, multilateral companies are apparently undeterred by such huge fees and that isn’t farfetched.