How to Find the Right VDR for You

other you will be able to determine which features are effective for the price, how well their security measures will protect your documents and intellectual property, and how easy it will be to collaborate more in the future if necessary.


Document Control & Ease of Use


            The process of deciding on a provider is the easy part if the provider you choose does not offer an easy-to-use platform with features that provide you the utmost control over your documents. It is important to recognize that some interfaces can be bloated and difficult to navigate, at times looking very outdated compared to others. Features that help you control your documents, such as complex permission settings and expiring access, are only a few of what certain providers can offer, however, not always valued by some. Those that have designed their VDR for high profile deals can lose touch with the importance of simplicity and quality over quantity. So don’t let the bells and whistles fool you when choosing a provider to partner with. Opt for a free demo so that you can get to know the ins and outs of a platform and understand how you can realistically use each feature so that you aren’t aimlessly paying for them.


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