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Firmex Virtual Data Room

This provider claims to be the most widely used virtual data room in the world. You can check if it’s true or false going to firmex.com and trying the demo version of the software.

As it is claimed by the provider itself, the Firmex data rooms are used for complex documents-related processes more often than the software of other providers. And if you go through the list of its customers you will be most definitely impressed. Customers of this provider create nearly 15,000 new online repositories every year. So let’s go through features this software has and find out why.

One of the key features is that this provider keeps payments crystal clear. You will never experience the need to pay for an unexpected bill. There are no hidden fees whether you pay for the service before you start using it or you choose an unlimited account.

Firmex wants its customers to feel comfortable using its online data rooms. So there is a simple Drag and Drop feature that allows uploading documents in a bulk as fast as possible and with no efforts. The owner of the online repository can add other employees, partners, investors, authorities and any third-parties that need to work with uploaded information. Then users can be divided into groups. The owner of the VDR can not only set different levels of access for different groups but also use a “View As” feature to check how those users will see the data.

Of course, the provider cares about the security of uploaded information. So all servers are highly protected – there is no chance for malefactors to steal or corrupt the data. Also, Firmex allows customers to apply watermarks on the document, restrict viewing, saving and printing of certain files. On top of that, users can lock the needed document to one computer or expire access for other users remotely.

If you have any questions or experience any problems using the data room, you can ask a support team to help you out. Firmex claims that its support specialists have supported more projects than any other provider.

Why Choose Firmex?

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