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Why We Need To Be Reminded To Change Our Passwords

Changing your passwords regularly is such an important factor in your personal and professional security that there was an entire day dedicated to doing so. February 1st was “Change Your Password Day”, making it even more of an obvious necessity for those who just don’t quite believe in taking the extra care to stay cyber secure.


While ensuring that you change your passwords regularly is important in recognizing any data breaches or hacks and staying precautious before it’s too late, there are other vital points that “Change Your Password Day” has tried to convey to anyone who works or browses online and uploads any sensitive information that could be detrimental if it were to ever be intercepted. Below are a few factors and online platforms to be weary of when there are signs of a breach or an unauthorized login to one of your accounts.


  • Always change your passwords when you know that your devices were infected with malware—the apps you have financial information on are now vulnerable to attack
  • Ensure that you are always aware of who shares your accounts and be sure to change your password if you feel like they or their devices’ security is no longer trustworthy
  • Never use a public computer to log into your account because it makes it easier for anyone else using it to access your information—be sure to change your password if this was unavoidable as a precaution.
  • For a safer way to share data online during complex projects, opt to use a secure data room. It offers features and security settings that will ensure all your confidential information stays under lock and key during virtual data room due diligence and other transactions.
  • A few online platforms to change your passwords on regularly are: streaming sites that require a credit card, social media accounts linked to personal information, Email accounts that are constantly storing and sharing company data

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Is Your Online Activity Ever Really Confidential?

With Valentine’s Day on everybody’s mind this month, Google has released the top V-Day searches throughout the United States, illustrating that even searches for heart-shaped pizza aren’t safe from prying eyes online. This begs the question: how confidential is your online activity really if you aren’t using security-specific tools to upload and share your data?


Whether it be as mundane as Valentine’s Day related searches or as consequential as working through an M&A that involves a large amount of documents to be shared between parties, it is important to always be aware of who can be watching and what can be done with your online information. Below are a few simple ways that you can ensure you are always aware of the implications of your online activity if it were to ever be hacked without your knowledge.


  • Store all sensitive documents in an electronic data room so that you can be sure no unwanted third parties can access or disclose them
  • Never allow untrustworthy individuals access to your devices that store confidential information, such as credit cards or company emails
  • Be sure to activate two-factor authentication whenever possible as extra security for your accounts
  • Don’t rely on email as the best way to share documents—they can often be intercepted by hackers
  • Don’t make your passwords easy to guess or store them somewhere easy to gain access to
  • When using a secure data room for transactions such as M&A due diligence, be sure to implement all the features the software offers for maintaining the utmost protection and control of your confidential documents
  • Avoid logging into private accounts on public computers; if it is necessary, be sure to change the passwords on the account you accessed as soon as possible so that it can’t be entered by an unauthorized user on the same public computer

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Might Suffer in 2019

There are many reasons why a business might be affected in the coming months, especially start-ups that have a lot banking on early revenue to get them off the ground. Below are 3 reasons why you might see a decline in business in 2019 that can affect the way you grow your company and cost you a significant amount of money.


  • The Intense Cold


Early February 2019 showed us the true cost that freezing temperatures have on businesses with the Polar Vortex making it almost impossible to leave the house. Many consumers opted to stay home rather than visit their favourite restaurants or small neighbourhood shops, costing the owners of these businesses more than they expected before this level of cold hit. While this might not be a yearly occurrence, it is important to take it into consideration when working out your business’s finances for the winter months in the future.


  • No Document Security


As many companies move to the digital realm with the way they do business, document security is a vital aspect of what can make or break their success. The best way to ensure that your sensitive information is safe during big projects or transactions within your company and externally is by using a secure data room to store and share your documents. Don’t risk an avoidable data breech and upload all relevant data for your specific transactions into an electronic data room, designed with complex features and settings to keep information safe for as long as necessary.


  • Not Enough Marketing


Consumers want to know that your business is legitimate and more often than not they turn to your online platforms for reassurance. Not focusing on marketing yourself and your products can lead to losing potential clients and, subsequently, losing money. Make it a point to update all social platforms regularly and build a brand that clients can remember you by for years to come.


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