Brainloop: A Panacea for Business Collaborations in the 21ST Century

Business collaborations have taken several paths to get to where it is today. The changes are evident, and so are the challenges. In contrast to what was obtainable in the past, security remains the major issue in today’s business interactions. Enterprises are usually skeptical about the safety of their sensitive data. This accounts for the continuous use of the physical approach in business collaborations regardless of the tremendous progress made by innovations in this aspect.

Brainloop is a virtual data room vendor with the capacity to provide clients with the enabling environment for their business collaborations. This invariably means owners of businesses or their representatives can interact with prospective investors, partners or employees to enhance their productivity and revenue base. Brainloop might be considered ideal for business collaborations due to the different features observable with the use of its virtual data room. Let’s consider some of these features below:

Two-factor Authentication – Brainloop engaged the use of the latest security protocol in its virtual data room. The multi factor authentication is one of such. It demands more than the conventional username and password typical of most platforms. This improves the security of your business collaboration.

Encrypted Collaboration – Besides been fruitful, business interactions need to be discreet. Brainloop understands this. Their virtual data rooms and servers are well encrypted using the renowned 256-bit SSL and the secure 256-BIT AES. It prevents the possibility of the loss of information. This is one of the few worries associated with the use of a virtual data room.

Secure Documents – Business collaborations often involve the exchange of documents which would need to be protected against unauthorized access. The Brainloop VDR consists of the several gimmicks which could be considered ideal for contemporary collaborations.

Personalized watermarks checkmates document leakage which is one of the issues faced by online business collaborations.

Document expiry assists you retrieve documents from previous users of your virtual data room. It’s a security feature most clients will appreciate perhaps due to the added security it provides.

Permission control is another visible benefit of the Brainloop virtual data room. It’s important for the immense control it gives the administrator over the documents uploaded to the virtual data room. You can determine the specific users who get to access certain documents, those privileged to download specific documents and those with printing rights. This is important especially when you are skeptical about the specific user keeping such documents safe.

Mobile Access – In line with the increasing demand for flexibility in modern day tools, virtual data room providers like Brainloop have take steps to apply such in VDR. This is seen in the ease of accessibility to mobile devices. You can use your mobile devices or tablets to access your virtual data room. Also, this isn’t limited to just you. Users added to the platform can log in to the VDR with any device and from any location.

Document Uploads and Search Optimization – Business collaborations often demands the uploading of documents. It could be briefs, reports or quotes depending on the user. Participants in a VDR can upload documents on to the platform quickly. Also, there are no limits to the size of documents which can be uploaded to the Brainloop’s virtual data room.

Users can also utilize the full search feature in finding pieces of information in documents uploaded. This reduces the time spent in the entire collaboration process.