Box and Information Storage in the Corporate World

Information storage for a company often termed corporate repository can be a difficult task. The era of storing files in cabinets has passed. While some companies store documents in computers, it’s apparently not safe. Cyber thefts are on the increase. A lot of corporate bodies have lost sensitive information due to this sort of incidence. Cloud storage is becoming popular. However, the security measures of this storage option aren’t quite sufficient. A virtual data room is equipped to handle the demands of a corporate repository. It is much secure compared to the typical cloud storage arrangement.

Box, a VDR provider started as a cloud storage facility. It has undergone a lot of changes since then. Box is a great tool for storage and collaboration. It has several features which could be decisive in its use as a central storage for all the sensitive information of your company.

Secure Storage – Box knows what secure storage demands. This has been shown in the general organization of their virtual data room. Their VDR comes with a variety of security parameters.

The dynamic watermarking of documents should be a boost in confidence since you can identify points where information from your virtual data room was compromised.

The permission settings also provide some layer of security for your documents. The decision over access to documents on the different levels (download, viewing, and printing) lies solely with the administrator of the virtual data room.

The audit log is another component of the Box VDR which is instrumental to its success in corporate repository. You can keep track of the activities, files, and users in your virtual data room. This is another security parameter which is worth possessing since it gives you an insight on the happenings within your virtual data room.

Customization – Box has always been known for innovation. And they take this to new heights in their virtual data rooms. With Box, you can design your VDR to suit your company’s image. This is important if you want your virtual data room to stand out and also remain recognizable by clients or employees who have been granted access.

Automated Operations and Compatibility – Most businesses desire tools which connect with the standard tools they use frequently. Typically Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s Gmail are some of the popular tools which Box VDR allows perfect synchronization with. This is a commendable effort at getting you familiar with the VDR.

You can automate certain processes within Box’s virtual data room. This not only saves you time but also relieves you of certain duties concerning the VDR.

Pricing – Boxing operates a pricing module which can be regarded as the finest example of cost-effectiveness. Its fees are based on the number of users. This could be quite beneficial if your virtual data room consists of few users. Their virtual data room services come in three variants. Each comes with its share of features which would suit different business models. You will need to study each option and decide accordingly which meets the demands of your business.